Our Experience


Slide Cluster:

The group of several slides that can be of the same type or of different types is called a Cluster. different types, emerging from the same structure which is called Tower. The tours will vary depending on the type of slide, however, they should all end exactly at the shore where the pool begins.

Open curved personal slide:

This type of slide can have one or many curves, in which you reach a considerable speed, just sit down and start the throw without danger of getting hurt, thus allowing a natural glide of the body downwards, while enjoying a ride full of emotion.

Closed curved personal slide:

It is a curved slide, completely covered, which forms a kind of tube through which The user slides towards the pool that awaits him at the exit.

Combined boat slide:

The term “combined” refers to combining a closed part with an open part in the same slide. This type of slide is very exciting and special, since it takes surprise to the user when he goes from a closed area to an open area and that added to the fact that slide in a tubing (boat), increases the excitement. To use this slide it is necessary to use a boat (tubing) with capacity for one or two people.


Great Parks launches its range of slides made with the membrane system on the market structural called: Great Membrane Slide.
  1. Unbeatable price on the market. With this system, it is possible to compete with any slide price. Priced according to each project.
  2. Ideal for new slides or rehabilitating old parks.
  3. Very quick installation; It is installed in a matter of days, with thermofusion. Permanent stock in stock.
  4. Great Parks installs around the world.
  5. Total safety on our slides. The safest slides in the world world and the greatest variety.
  6. Wide range of colors and designs.
  7. No tower required. It can be placed on a small natural mountain or artificial; another reason for immense savings.
The Racer type of slides can be made with 2 lanes or more, ending with a channel. braking or directly into the pool.